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Q: What are the ACS Open Access Initiatives?

Q: How do I find out more information on ACS Open Access programs and products?

General Q&A about the ACS Open Access Initiatives

Q: Why is ACS introducing these initiatives?

Q: With the addition of the ACS Open Access initiatives, will ACS Articles on Request remain the same?

Q: What is ACS Articles on Request?

Q: Will ACS articles published under an ACS AuthorChoice open access license be easily identified on the ACS Publications platform?

Q: What licensing rights will apply for ACS Central Science and ACS Editors’ Choice?

Q: What is ACS Certified Deposit?

Q: What is a Creative Commons license? What is the difference between Creative Commons license flavors?

Q: Does ACS Open Access Initiatives include content from the ACS Symposium Series?

Q&A about ACS Central Science

Q: What is ACS Central Science?

Q: What will be the scope of this new journal?

Q: How will ACS Central Science be different from JACS?

Q: Why was the journal named “Central Science”?

Q: How will peer review be handled for ACS Central Science?

Q: How many papers will the journal publish in the first year?

Q: Are there any subscription fees to access content?

Q: Are there any author charges to publish in the journal?

Q: When will ACS Central Science begin accepting manuscripts and when will the journal begin publishing articles?

Q: What are the licensing terms for this journal and can authors elect to use a CC-BY license?

Q: Will articles from ACS Central Science always be free, regardless of the publication date?

Q&A about ACS Editors’ Choice

Q: What is ACS Editors’ Choice?

Q: Is ACS Editors’ Choice a new or virtual journal?

Q: What article types are selected for ACS Editors’ Choice? Are they new or from earlier editions of ACS journals?

Q: How are articles in ACS Editors’ Choice open access?

Q: How are articles selected for ACS Editors’ Choice?

Q: Are the author publishing agreements and licensing arrangements for this new service the same as with ACS journals?

Q: If an author chooses to make an article openly available by selecting one of the ACS AuthorChoice options, are they still eligible to be selected for ACS Editors’ Choice?

Q&A about ACS Author Rewards

Q: What is ACS Author Rewards?

Q: Why is ACS offering this program?

Q: When will credits become available? When can they be used? Can they be used to convert articles previously published by ACS into open access ACS AuthorChoice?

Q: Is there a limit on the number of vouchers that can be earned?

Q: Are credits transferable to another author?

Q: Can credits be redeemed for cash, products, services, or ACS membership?

Q: Can a credit voucher be split?

Q: Can previously published articles be purchased with ACS Author Rewards credits?

Q: If there are five authors of an article, do they all get the ACS Author Rewards credit or just primary authors?

Q&A about ACS AuthorChoice

Q: What is ACS AuthorChoice?

Q: What is the ACS AuthorChoice option for “availability after 12 months,” now branded as ACS AuthorChoice+12?

Q: I have been told I need to deposit my work in a funder or institutional repository. What are my options with ACS?

Q: Does ACS AuthorChoice offer assistance with open access manuscript deposit requirements of their employers or funders?

Q: What is the difference between the final published article and the accepted manuscript version of an article?

Q: Does ACS provide any special assistance for authors with NIH funder requirements?

Q: Do NIH-funded authors also receive ACS Author Rewards credits?

Q: Does this revised offering for NIH-funded authors change after 2014?

Q: What are the fees associated with the expanded ACS AuthorChoice options?

Q: Will the terms and conditions of the ACS AuthorChoice license change with the expanded options?

Q: Are institutions or funders allowed to purchase ACS AuthorChoice?

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